Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Cultural Gardens?

The Cultural Gardens are located within the City of Cleveland's Rockefeller Park. The oldest and largest Gardens are along East Blvd. from St. Clair Avenue on the north to Superior Avenue on the south. The later Gardens, and the newest, are along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and start just north of St. Clair and continue to Superior Avenue at the southern end. An exception is the Chinese Garden that is also along MLK Jr. Blvd but located half way between Chester Avenue and East 105th, across from the Cleveland Museum of Art's Wade Park Lagoon.

The Gardens extend roughly 1.5 mils on both MLK and East Blvds, so a complete walk around the Gardens would be 3 miles in length. Driving to the Gardens can be done by exiting I-90/Rt 2 at the MLK Jr. Blvd exit and proceed south along MLK Jr. Blvd. East Blvd is one block east of MLK Jr. Blvd. There are four (4) access roads leading east and up to East Blvd. along MLK Jr. Blvd. Alternatively, MLK Jr.Blvd. intersects with many streets south of Rockefeller Park. Major nearby streets in University Circle are Chester Avenue and Euclid Avenue, to name but a few.


How do I schedule a group event or walking tour at the Gardens?

Federation volunteers would be pleased to speak about the Cultural Gardens to your group. And those same volunteers will gladly give you a walking or riding tour through the Gardens to fit your time and special interest.

See the Cleveland Cultural Gardens in person, all 29 Gardens, or the best of the Gardens.  Get behind-the-scene information you cannot get in any other way, as well as seeing the beautiful plants, trees and more as well as learning why the showcased cultural heroes were chosen by each nationality.  Or, we'll bring the Gardens to you with a slide/talk presentation before your group.

Donations of any size to Federation for volunteer services are very much appreciated. Contact Mary Hamlin, Coordinator for Cultural Gardens Tours and Speakers, (440)461-2533 or

A self-guided tour pamphlet is also available for download at 


How do I plan a wedding in one of the Gardens?

The Cultural Gardens have been used for weddings since at least the 1930s. Permits and additional information pertaining to events in Rockefeller Park and the Cultural Gardens can be obtained through the City's Special Events office at (216) 664-2484 or online at


Who maintains the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?

Cleveland's Department of Park Maintenance and Property maintains Rockefeller Park and individuals gardens plantings and restoration are handled by the different nationality groups sponsoring each Garden as a part of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation. Holden Parks Trust, administered by University Circle, Inc. works to help defray some of the costs of maintenance and improvements. As well Holden is active in Rockefeller Park in many ways.


Is there parking for the Cultural Gardens?

Vehicles can be parked along MLK Jr. Drive (west side) and East Blvd (both sides). Those who don't mind walking a 1/4 mile may also park at the Rockefeller Greenhouse's parking lot at the northern end of East Blvd., or across the street at the many parking spots in Sam Miller Park. The Greenhouse also provides attractive and well-maintained public toilets that are the only ones near the Gardens.


What do I do if I find a misspelled word or grammatical error?

By all means contact us. However, readers should be aware that many of the proper names and place names mentioned on this website are anglicized versions of foreign names and places. Indeed, there are often several appropriate ways to spell a name or place, depending upon the linguistic context. Because this site emphasizes the historical roots of these gardens, we have adopted the spellings favored by Clara Lederer in the book Their Paths Are Peace (1954), whose publication was funded and approved by the Cultural Gardens Federation.